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Last updated 28 Nov 2015 | 17:35:49 UTC

Liberto [Valencia] ("I am retired and 68 of age. Enjoy participating in all of these scientific projects. I am a...")
LaserLinX ("_x__Macs are LinX to the World__x_")
LouRive ("In Davos (Schweiz) geboren lebe jetzt in Uster in einem Vorort von Z├╝rich. Meine Hobby`s:...")
leeyk725 ("I'm BOINC@KOREA admin....:) Please visit [url=http://boincatkorea.xo.st]BOINC@KOREA...")
LabRatICMP3 ("I have always wanted to be a pirate!")
leylinewalker ("I am a 58 year old former nuclear engineer and computer guru. Currently, I am disabled and...")
Le Nouveau Monde
Lex Lamprey ("[b]From:[/b] Caerdydd, Cymru (Cardiff, Wales) [b]Occupation:[/b]...")
lazy girl ("Permission to come aboard...Cap'n!! I be a fine pirate wench wiv an eye fer...")

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