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1) Message boards : Number Crunching : 2014 (Message 9251)
Posted 2018 days ago by Profile NullCoding*
Same here! I cmd-tab'd to BOINC by chance and was surprised (but nonetheless pleased) to see three completed tasks for this particular project...it has been awhile, hasn't it? :)
2) Message boards : Announcements : Latest rough waters (Message 9167)
Posted 2711 days ago by Profile NullCoding*
I have to be the guy to ask - do you expect to have new work? Ever?

I remember running this project years ago (or whenever it was I joined BOINC). Or is there just not that much to test nowadays?
3) Message boards : Announcements : Ship (Message 9082)
Posted 3014 days ago by Profile NullCoding*
I don't actually see much difference - the website does, however, load much faster now. I seem to recall a period of time in which things such as the Mechanical Turk were incredibly slow. So, if that was indeed on you, thanks for taking care of it!

Looking forward to possibly having more work around here soon - is that reasonable?
4) Message boards : Announcements : Mechanical Turk (Message 8988)
Posted 3320 days ago by Profile NullCoding*
That's what I'm doing...just a decent way to kill time, although I don't have much to kill. >.<

I'd like to crunch some actual numbers sometime, too. For now, captchas are fine. At least it's helping something.
5) Message boards : Number Crunching : couriosity (Message 8975)
Posted 3367 days ago by Profile NullCoding*
Each machine is limited to one work request every 3600 seconds (an hour) because it allows more people to get work. This project doesn't have much work to begin with, so it's only fair.

As for getting 0 new tasks: I know what you mean but don't know how to explain it. My two older Core Duo machines would make requests and get 0 tasks, whereas my i5, and even Pentium 4 always got four tasks. Then with Core 2 Duos it seemed like I might get 1 or 2 tasks every couple hours.

Don't know why that is. I do know for sure, though, that you can only make one work request per machine every hour. Also that happens automatically, so technically you don't have to click anything.
6) Message boards : Announcements : New member of the Crew (Message 8971)
Posted 3373 days ago by Profile NullCoding*
Good to hear things are okay, and nice that there's work here (even if it is just for a little while).

Belated new year's greetings, of course!

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