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1) Message boards : Help! : Download fails (Message 8571)
Posted 4141 days ago by Profile Paul D. Buck
As tasks are rare, it is depressing when most fail because of "Download Failed" ... I don't know the cause, but multiple systems ...
2) Message boards : Number Crunching : BOINC-Client disallowed (Message 8332)
Posted 4247 days ago by Profile Paul D. Buck
It does not like 6.5.0 either ...

Also, on my 5.10.45 it indicates that that version will be OBE in 58 days ...
3) Message boards : Number Crunching : Unofficial BOINC Wiki closing 2006-03-31 (Message 2966)
Posted 5319 days ago by Profile Paul D. Buck
Ladies and Gentlemen,

The military has a axiom that you should never reinforce defeats. Looking back at my participation in the BOINC world I can only conclude that I have been doing just that.

So, it is time to cease. I had thought to explain the motivations that have brought me to this point but have decided that for the most part it would just be another wasted effort. Those that need to heed the words will see no need. And those that agree with them have no power. So, not much point in long explanations. But, in short, I find I can no longer be a part of a system such as I see today. Dissent is suppressed, good ideas are ignored or marginalized, valuable work is discarded, participants are abused; all this, and more.

It is said that for evil to triumph, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing. For a long time I have tried to combat the problems I have seen with virtually no success. In that nothing else I have tried has been effective I have but one last option and that is to cease supporting activities run by people I can no long trust.

With this in mind I have run all my computers out of work, removed BOINC and shut down the machines. However, I will be funding the BOINC Wiki site until the end of the quarter, 2006-03-31, at which point the site will vanish and the domain will become available.

For those that contributed, and those that used the Wiki, I am truly grateful.

If anyone wishes to preserve the Unofficial BOINC Wiki, I have a number of files that may be of interest:

http://boinc-doc.net/sites.zip My working files of the old site and the Wiki including the code development for the Google search (263M) {not really necessary, unless you like history}.
http://boinc-doc.net/log-files.zip the log file samples for adding messages along with my GREP tool (33.5M).
http://boinc-doc.net/misc.zip Just what it says... all the other stuff includes samples and snippets of material I had not gotten to yet (13.1M).
http://boinc-doc.net/BoincViewLogs.zip For those that might be interested in a data-set for analysis (5.8M).

http://boinc-doc.net/images.zip The images directory of the Wiki site with the image files needed (37M).
http://boinc-doc.net/db118605226.csv.zip Wiki database in a CSV dump (7.2M).
http://boinc-doc.net/db118605226.sql.zip WIki database in a SQL Insert dump (8M).

The explanation on how I implemented the Google search is here: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Google_Search

4) Message boards : Wish list : Forums (Message 2786)
Posted 5340 days ago by Profile Paul D. Buck
Not sure if this has been done. But, one of the requests at Rosetta@Home was for changes to the forum structure. The last time i reviewed the code (I admit that was some time ago) the basic structure was hard coded.

If it was more dynamically created the ability to easily "switch" from the "standard" lead in pages to the forum lists would be more configurable by the projects. So, a set-up like Einstein@Home becomes a configuration parameter change (or database change) rather than a coding change. This allows easier update to the system code. The project would no longer have to hand code the changes.

Also, the addition of new forums becomes easier. Particularly in the case of projects. Add a row in the database and a new forum is born.

Lastly, it would be nice if the Q&P format is also a configuration parameter. So, for those that like the single question multiple answer they have that. For the majority of us that cannot stand it, and those projects that want to change it, it again is a configuration change not a coding change.

Pardon me if these have already been noted, coded, folded, spindled, or mutilated ...

But these would all be nice features to reduce the migration burden and improve the ability of a project to service and please their participants. When I told the requesters that it might not be THAT simple it raised a lot of ire. More when I told them it was a bad idea for Rosetta @Home to do this on their own ... oh, well ...

Anyway, the ideas are not bad, but they have to be done sensibly or it defeats the whole point to a standard package.
5) Message boards : Help! : First WU (Message 126)
Posted 5845 days ago by Profile Paul D. Buck
I just noticed I got one WU and processed it. Actually two did get done... so I can no longer say I have not gotten work. I got 2 ...

However, For the developers I would strongly suggest that you put some nominal credit claim in each WU, even if it is a random number. Then you can start looking at the processing of the credit and validator's efforts. Just my 2 cents ...

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