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1) Message boards : Wish list : Pirates can do good (Message 8497)
Posted 4205 days ago by Lanceness
I have only just joined here but it occurred to me that P@H might be able to use an idea I had some time ago.

Some people will only download those projects that have screensavers which leaves other deserving projects with fewer participants. Perhaps p@h could offer interesting screensavers to projects that have none. P@H would also choose which screensaverless projects to offer based on work units available versus participants.

World Community Grid serves several projects with only one membership so it seems it could be done.

This way P@H would be doing computation while keeping with your mission of helping to spread the popularity of Boinc.

Screensavers could change with the project being done or not but may have NOTHING to do with the work being performed. In fact it could be something pirate related or perhaps you could get rights to an old screensaver from Sierra called Screen Antics where a guy is stuck on a desert island on the screen and always fails to be rescued.

Just a thought.


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