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1) Message boards : Announcements : New distributed data project (Message 9283)
Posted 1951 days ago by Profile Cruncher Pete
[quote]Ahoy, Avast, and seasonal greetings to the crew of this scurvy bucket, or at least those few who remain on board. We have been adrift for quite a while now, and I'm afraid that may well continue. But I will confess to chumming the waters just now to get the attention of those still onboard.

I am a bit concerned about your purpose of maintaining this project for I have not seen any BOINC activity for months/years. Volunteers spend a considerable amount on equipment and time to help BOINC projects. Your Main Page does state that the project is under constant development but the purpose of running it is is vague. You are not making this clear and neither have you communicated your current status. The last item you placed in the NEWS section was in Sep, 2010, that is over four and a half years ago. This forces volunteers to spend a considerable time to research the project and seek current situation in miriads of Message Board articles to find out if this project is still alive and the likely hood of issuing a work unit. I wonder if continuing the project is worthwhile when Admins do not care to communicate with their volunteers and keeping them up to date.

I am seriously considering recommending that this project be closed.
2) Questions and Answers : Pirates@Home Problems : Founder Issues (Message 9075)
Posted 3229 days ago by Profile Cruncher Pete
Thank you Eric for the way you handled this issue. Everyday we are adding a project to our foundership which should give us the necessary tool to strengthen this team. As regards deleting this thread, I changed my mind. It contains good information for other teams that have or will have issues of similar nature.

Cruncher Pete.
3) Questions and Answers : Pirates@Home Problems : Founder Issues (Message 9065)
Posted 3231 days ago by Profile Cruncher Pete

G'Day Skipper.

Thanks for the info to date. Using your Contact Project Admin I now have sent you a user name and log in password so that you can see the link in question. As regards our Contact on the forum. You might have missed it. At the bottom of the page there is an option to "Contact Us" which will be seen by all Admins if anybody uses it. Whatever the outcome of this is I would appreciate if you could delete this thread as I am kind of uncomfortable airing the teams problems out in the open even though I started the thread.
4) Questions and Answers : Pirates@Home Problems : Founder Issues (Message 9062)
Posted 3231 days ago by Profile Cruncher Pete

Thank you Cap't. My cutlass is blunt, I need to sharpen it. Hi Ho, where is that scoundrel? It was not my intention to bring this out into the open but I did not get any reply to my PM that I sent or at last thought that I sent on Nov3. If I were in your shoes, I have no doubt that I would handle the matter in similar ways as you are doing. Having said that, in order for you to make an educated judgement on the issue, you do need to get involved a little bit in team politics. Most of the issues that you are pointing out can be answered by reading the discussion in the link that is not available to you at the present time. Please send me a PM or email and I will provide you with a user name and password that will allow you to view the team discussion we had on this issue. As far as the foundership is concerned, SETI.USA is currently in control of 41 projects as against BlkJack-21's 28. We need to have all projects under the one control in order to be an effective team that can send Newsletters to all our members and not just a few. We need a founder that can initiate team challenges and represent our team. We need an effective Founder who will maintain the Team Description and finally we wish to have the same privileges and access to our members as all other teams have. BlkJack-21 Declined to hand over the project on 13 Oct yet he will not answer Team Officials PM or email on any subject. He will not hand over the Foundership, yet at the same time he will not help the team, what are we to do?
5) Questions and Answers : Pirates@Home Problems : Founder Issues (Message 9060)
Posted 3236 days ago by Profile Cruncher Pete
I need your help. I am an Admin of SETI.USA and with the backing of other Admins and the team asks that you examine the problems we are having with the listed Founder BlkJack-21.

Twelve months ago the team created a new website www.setiusa.us as the old one www.setiusa.net under the control of BlkJack-21 was not maintained, details of the team could not be updated as BlkJack-21 failed to communicate with any Administrator or member. The only time he responded was on 10-10-11 when I gave him cause why I should not remove him from the team in 30 days. His reply: "After being treated like shit over the years..it was inevitable that I would give up the forum/website" indicated that he is punishing this team by Declining Founder Transfer. See: http://www.seti.usa/showthread.php?2210-Administrator(s)-threatening-to-remove-me/Page2

All we want is to be able to maintain our database of members on this and other projects, to be able to nominate the team if and when challenged, to be able to communicate with our members, to be able to edit our team description (it is still pointing to a non exist ant site). It is not fair that one man can hold the team to ransome because of a personal vendetta.

Please Help. I am concerned that this hostile Founder will delete our membership and destroy SETI.USA. Note also that Dr David Anderson has agreed to our request and changed the Founder on SETI to Team.SETI.USA our preferred representative.

Cruncher Pete
Administrator, SETI.USA

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