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1) Message boards : Pirate Talk : Story - Mumblings of an aging Pirate (Message 9338)
Posted 2 days ago by Profile Pooh Bear 27
Since it has been several months since I posted things, I can say I am still in many of the same issues I was when I started.

I now personally believe I am losing sight in my left eye, slowly, but it seems like it will be either partial or full, but a permanent issue. After over three years of treatment, it getting better for a short while, then all of a sudden just going back to many of the problems I originally started seeing all the specialists for, and they are now just grasping at straws while life is blurry for me.

Of course trying to even get in to see a doctor has been a feat in of itself. Some of the other issues that were being worked on are now worse than when I went to the doctors before, even with the medications they put me on, but since no therapy and no follow up visits to try to see what they could do to help.

I was just thinking when sitting alone at home, while the wife was at work. I seem to be missing something. I kept thinking on what I seemed to be missing. My friends, family, etc. Yes, I miss all those things and more, but it was not the true answer.

The answer? I miss me. I miss us. I miss the older days when life was what I will now call simpler. It seems as we get older, our brains fill up with more information, that information becomes and overload at times.

Hopefully some answers come through as doctors finally open back up, and my cases get moved forward. It would be nice to have a little less pain and numbness, more ability to move freer instead of feeling like I am turning into a balled up mess.
2) Message boards : Pirate Talk : Story - Mumblings of an aging Pirate (Message 9336)
Posted 280 days ago by Profile Pooh Bear 27
The issues I current am dealing with is Papilledema and Age-related Macular Degeneration. The first one is the optic nerves/disks are swollen and cause lots of problems, including dead spots, ghosting, etc. The second one is just as bad with blood running in my eyes, wavy vision (almost like water running around your eyes), peripheral vision impairment, among other things. This along with so much joint pain from so much arthritis, I feel like a dead weight at times. The therapist decided to change my therapy to water based, to see if we can at least try and get some of my back muscles to cooperate with me, and allow me a little more freedom.
3) Message boards : Pirate Talk : Story - Mumblings of an aging Pirate (Message 9335)
Posted 294 days ago by Profile Pooh Bear 27
Now that a few months have gone by, a few things have been done to give me sight at least for now, but there are more underlying problems that may steal away again. During these months I was forced to move, lost almost all Internet use except a little mobile and occasional stopping at a library (or sitting in a restaurant's parking lot) and skimming off the free Wi-Fi for a while. After seeing many new doctors, finding just how bad my joints, spine, neck and bones really are, trying therapies that put me in a lot more pain and lower my ability to move, I am unsure what we will see next. I do not take the heavy drugs, nor do I want to, but they would in effect blind me, as one of the medications for the sight does not allow for those medications or it becomes ineffective and I go back to darkness. I prefer to see over being able to walk any long distance. Things are what they are. Oh, and my wife and I just celebrated 35 years of marriage.
4) Message boards : Pirate Talk : Story - Mumblings of an aging Pirate (Message 9331)
Posted 749 days ago by Profile Pooh Bear 27
Health issues hit most of us at times, mine have been kind of escalated a but and I actually am having a hard time seeing this, so please forgive any misspellings. With the issues my days grow darker and darker for now. Due to layers of issues the one issue robbing me of my eyesight cannot be addressed, as the extra stuff that is also happening is preventing the fix. Consistent paun is also being dealt with and being put on the rack a couple times a week is not helping the issues as they thought it might. Good sleep is highly desired but does not come, either. "I am to young to feel this damn old."
5) Message boards : Pirate Talk : Story - Mumblings of an aging Pirate (Message 9330)
Posted 810 days ago by Profile Pooh Bear 27
As we roam around on our own to seek out different treasures in the world, I have been mainly just milling around the area, visiting this ship almost daily just to reminisce. I wish I had more power to help fix it, but it is beyond my capabilities. Our captain has had a busy life and I understand the need to be the family man he has become. I once was there myself but those ships sailed over 10 years ago and that is why I sought out a new family in several areas, including these mateys and the other Looneys I associate with. Ni! to them and their vast group too that has dwindled. Our masses seem to be spread more wide and far and the hope for bringing them back to the groups we once were is not looking very favorable anymore. I am unsure we will ever see this ship sail again, but since it sits here and I can keep visiting it, there is hope.
6) Message boards : Pirate Talk : Story - Mumblings of an aging Pirate (Message 9328)
Posted 835 days ago by Profile Pooh Bear 27
As we have not had the project for a couple of years, no one is posting for over a year. I felt it was time for the few of us who do stop in here once in a while to maybe create a story. So I will start it.

It has been nearly 10 years since I joined the Pirate search. A much younger man with visions of bounty and booty to claim. Starting on my quest, I learned this place was filled with many grand Pirates all around the world. They brought me a sense of empowerment. These last couple of years, as our ship has been in dry dock and our masses have dwindled to a few, we still hope that some day new life will come to our ship and we may sail again.
7) Message boards : Pirate Talk : international pirate talk day -- 19 sept (Message 9323)
Posted 1355 days ago by Profile Pooh Bear 27
Arr Matey! One of the systems failed a while back. With the Captain's busy life I am unsure it ever got fixed. The Captain was going to upgrade the whole backend to newer version, but that has not happened. So I suspect this will be year number 2 in a row that we miss this fine holiday.
8) Message boards : Number Crunching : Problem with /stats/ export directory? (Message 9309)
Posted 1771 days ago by Profile Pooh Bear 27
Must be in the doldrums. Stats not moved in 8 days. :(

This project currently only runs a couple times a year for a few days, then it goes on hiatus. The work done here is currently just for fun, it really does nothing useful. The Cap't of this ship has had several life changing events over the past several years, but now is starting to be slowly be able to think about making this project do some real work again. This project is all about patience and having fun.
9) Message boards : Announcements : Pirates@Home gold dubloons ??? (Message 9294)
Posted 1799 days ago by Profile Pooh Bear 27
3 gold is the MAX. This is all I have and I have been UotD a few times more than 3. It is explained somewhere in the boards about it.
10) Message boards : Announcements : New distributed data project (Message 9284)
Posted 1832 days ago by Profile Pooh Bear 27
I am a bit concerned about your purpose of maintaining this project for I have not seen any BOINC activity for months/years.

I am seriously considering recommending that this project be closed.

This was once a project that helped out Einstein. Once that was over it became a just for fun project. It does no real work when it does run. The owner keeps it around kind of as a sentimental item. Work is sent out at least once a year around the Talk Like a Pirate Day in September and has also run most years around the Christmas period. For many of us volunteers that stick around it's like a game to gain our next milestone.

So, in your eyes it is more or less a dead project and you can ignore it. For those of us who enjoy this challenge it's a very wonderful time when we do have work.

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