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1) Message boards : Pirate Applications : Auld Lang Syne (Message 8961)
Posted 3514 days ago by Hans Sveen
Hello again!

It's working like a dream here; like those spinning Christmas Tree and it set me in the right mood!

Graphics work on all but one , Vista Ultimate 32 bits N(Not even Einstein shows), all uses cc 6.12.x, except one running 6.10.58 on Ubuntu 10.10 64 bits.
Keep them coming and keep up the nice work!


2) Message boards : Pirate Applications : Christmas..... (Message 8960)
Posted 3514 days ago by Hans Sveen
He hasn't, work has been coming the last day former Year and has continued this new year!
Thanks a lot Captain!!

Regards from
3) Message boards : Announcements : New member of the Crew (Message 8955)
Posted 3514 days ago by Hans Sveen
Wonderful news to all pirates, both young and old!
Between all the diaper duty, you have even managed to issue some new work ; Thank You!

Happy New Year to You all!

Greetings from

4) Message boards : Pirate Applications : Christmas..... (Message 8951)
Posted 3520 days ago by Hans Sveen
Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You all!
This has to be one of the first Christmases that this project does not issue work with the nice spinning tree as the screen saver
, missing it a lot!!

Regards from the cold north,

5) Message boards : Announcements : Pirates shutting down... (Message 2186)
Posted 5531 days ago by Hans Sveen
Goodby to this nice ship and thanks for letting me sail with You all it has been an interesting and educational trip , but I know I will see a lot of You pirates@home members on other ships sailing all over.

A warm thank to the Captain once more.

Let the pirates rule and conquer the seas!

Boincing away............

6) Message boards : Pirate Talk : News about the other Boinc projects!! (Message 765)
Posted 5701 days ago by Hans Sveen
A happy new crunching year!

Just read on Predictor's site that they are scheduled to open for new account creation Monday the 10'th of January!

When I tried to log in a hour ago 20:00 CET Yoho and I managed to log in,
here I come to crunch some , before einstein will open and LHC comes back!!
See You crunching for another project!!

And I guess some of You already know, but einstein@home starts to let people in, see this link: http://setiweb.ssl.berkeley.edu/forum_thread.php?id=7760

Sorry, seem it was a glitch, look at this thread:


About a week has gone since last news edit and here we go again:

Yes, I did also get an invitation to sign up on einsteinathome project the 18 and has been happily crunching on 7 wu, 5 finnished but none valided yet!

No bigger problems with predictor so far it is running smooth on my machines!

For those of You who still waits for more project to crunch maybe this will be of interest:
http://lattice.umiacs.umd.edu/boinc/ (From seti synergy)

Still happy crunching!

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