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1) Message boards : Help! : Missing parts of graph (Message 6417)
Posted 4785 days ago by themezj
For some reason the graph in my Statistics window cuts off earlier parts of each line on the graph. I don't know if this is normal (but if so, I don't understand why it would be). Does this make sense? It's difficult to explain without a picture, but I don't know how to insert a picture.
2) Message boards : Wish list : Scrolling (Message 6395)
Posted 4793 days ago by themezj
I use the Mac version of BOINC 5.10.7.

Can you make it so that the list of projects in the Statistics window are in their own separate frame so that they can scrolled through, rather than being cut off when the window is too small? I am attached to 35 projects so there's a few I can't see even when the window is as big as possible.

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