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1) Message boards : Help! : Total Credit and Resource Share won\'t update (Message 1219)
Posted 5740 days ago by Heffed
You can change the resource share manually if you want.

Exit BOINC, backup the pirates .xml file, (in case you mess something up) edit the file with whatever resource share you want, save the file.

When you restart BOINC, it will reflect the new resource share.

Just remember to make the change on the Pirates website as well, otherwise it will switch back when the servers are giving work again.
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : Why do i get this.... (Message 1113)
Posted 5746 days ago by Heffed
> Agreed, but this was apparantly easier for him to implement,
> and it's likely that people will know when a new client comes out.

HeHe... Yes, just taking it out would indeed be easier to implement. :)
3) Message boards : Announcements : Sextant 4.67 (Message 1112)
Posted 5746 days ago by Heffed
> What about the static graphics preferences? Has anybody tried it
> to verify it works (besides me, of course)?

Works just fine here.
4) Questions and Answers : Windows : Preferences aren't updated (Message 851)
Posted 5767 days ago by Heffed
I believe this is a function of BOINC itself and the Pirates team can do little about it.

Perhaps post in the Seti@Home wishlist forum?
5) Message boards : Wish list : Is the screensaver used in E@H the one created here? (Message 321)
Posted 5825 days ago by Heffed
> They are sending out invitations slowly to those that signed up in the order
> that they signed up.

I see. Thanks John.
6) Message boards : Wish list : Is the screensaver used in E@H the one created here? (Message 316)
Posted 5826 days ago by Heffed
> The screensaver in Einstein@Home was coded at Vassar and tested
> on Pirates@Home before being incorporated into Einstein@Home.
> But to preserve some secrecy we did not let it out until Einstein@Home
> went public. That is one of the things we were doing when the project was
> restricted to .vassar.edu.

It's public? Whatever happened to being sent an email when the project was starting up? Wasn't that the point of registering?

Ah, and account creation is closed. Nicely done... :(
7) Questions and Answers : Windows : BOINC 4.13: Pirates@home changed to LHC@home (Message 221)
Posted 5855 days ago by Heffed
That's odd, this was supposed to be fixed after 4.09.
8) Message boards : Preferences : Punishment? (Message 208)
Posted 5860 days ago by Heffed
Just curious what form of punishment people have chosen in their P@H project preferences.

I have set mine to \"Walk Plank\". Of course, my lucky number setting will ensure I never receive said punishment. ;)
9) Message boards : Pirate Applications : Thread Closed (Message 191)
Posted 5863 days ago by Heffed
Was the project app named "Jack"? Earlier WUs were named after fitness guru Jack Lalanne.

10) Message boards : Help! : LHC Hijacking the Pirates! (Message 176)
Posted 5875 days ago by Heffed
> I'm running 4 different projects and none has ever "contaminated" each other
> yet. I also run it with network access disabled most of the time unless i need
> to send work or get work. Lets the client run faster and smoother.

Yes, if you don't have network access enabled, you won't see it. The BOINC devs have determined that BOINC gets confused if two projects are making contact at the same time.

So if LHC opens connections to the LHC server and S@H butts in, S@H now believes it's LHC. They are working on a fix.

I also don't believe disabling network access will have any effect on client speed. BOINC is doing the talking, not the project app. that's doing the work.

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