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1) Message boards : Team Talk : Team Technutopia (Message 5634)
Posted 5054 days ago by Major Tom MIB
To clarify: Everyone, not just Technutopia team members can use this signature. It moved and a few options have been added. Feel free to participate in the design/layout/development of these 'free' to use forum signatures at the Technutopia Boinc forum. Your suggestions are appreciated.

The host and path have been shortened. Click on Fonts to see which ones you might want to use. Size is two digit decimal. Color is 12 digit hex. Fonts are case sensitive, order is mandatory, and any other variations will result in unpredictable results.
http://sig.technutopia.net/<Your-CPID>[.<font>][.<size>][.<color>].gif example: http://sig.technutopia.net/4a4e3b651f8451553bb70aa69b24633d.gif
2) Message boards : Team Talk : Team Technutopia (Message 5569)
Posted 5062 days ago by Major Tom MIB
Team Technutopia A web community contributing resources to the world community.

We're a small team happy to add more members.

We invite you to use our Boinc Stats forum signatures (currently under design and development, happy to accept suggestions on layout and design):

Small plain (black letters on white background)

[ img]http ://www.technutopia.com/boincstats/<Your-CPID>.gif[ /img]

[ IMG]http ://www.technutopia.net/boincstats/4a4e3b651f8451553bb70aa69b24633d.gif[/ IMG]

Small color (you select the foreground and background colors, RGB with two digit hex characters)

[ img]http: //www.technutopia.com/boincstats/<Your-CPID>.RRGGBBRRGGBB.gif[ /img]

[ IMG]http: //www.technutopia.net/boincstats/4a4e3b651f8451553bb70aa69b24633d.FFFFFF800000.gif[ /IMG]


[ IMG]http: //www.technutopia.net/boincstats/<Your-CPID>.png[ /IMG]

[ IMG]http: //www.technutopia.net/boincstats/4a4e3b651f8451553bb70aa69b24633d.png[ /IMG]

Large (Team Technutopia member w/personal graphic)

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