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1) Message boards : Pirate Talk : *LAST PIRATE TO POST HERE GETS THE GOLD* (Message 6422)
Posted 4942 days ago by Profile Davey Jones
Avast ye scabs.

'ear be the only GOLD as what counts.

2) Message boards : Pirate Applications : starboard 5.07 (Message 4445)
Posted 5168 days ago by Profile Davey Jones
Make way ye swabs, an show'ee a bit 'or respect fer a scum bucklin' man-o-war.

Wi' one or there them Intel Core 2 cpu 6700 @ 2.66Ghz with a single Radeon x1950 512mb crossfire it ran pretty, well you might imagine, but some of they larger charactars looked a bit pixilated to my one eye.
3) Message boards : Announcements : Server Unreachable (Message 4440)
Posted 5168 days ago by Profile Davey Jones
And the world will be better for this
That one man scorned and covered with scars
Still strove with his last ounce of courage
To reach the unreachable server.


and then when I did reach it - 'No work from project' for my Mac.
4) Message boards : Pirate Talk : We saw (and heard) the space shuttle go by (Message 4439)
Posted 5168 days ago by Profile Davey Jones
You might like to check out my ISS/Shuttle website http://spacetimes.info
But then again, you might not.

5) Message boards : Pirate Applications : Good gold for good work!!! (Message 3973)
Posted 5266 days ago by Profile Davey Jones
Ye black 'arted dogs, tis all I 'ave in my locker as put me to such exaltedness !

WORLD Rank: 1,706 of 2,334

6) Message boards : Pirate Applications : Error msg when running on Mac (Message 3966)
Posted 5268 days ago by Profile Davey Jones
I have to say that I don't know about this. After about a month of making the change I started to get problems with the Quad, different red lights on the front behind the grid, and re-installed OSX a couple of times to try to sort it out, so I lost the changes made to the memory size.

The messages I was getting in the logs indicated, too me anyway, that one of the CPU's was not working as it should. I cleaned out the dust bunnies and was surprised by the amount of dust. The cooler radiator (Like a car/automobile radiator) was completly clogged up. I concluded that this had cooked a cpu. The logic board and cpu's were replaced by the warrenty.

The open front grill of the Power Mac G4/G5/Pro case means that the machine is a bit of a vacuum cleaner and has no dust filters. I noticed in the Apple Forums, a suggestion that the front be covered with a pair of ladies tights, (Hose) so that's what I do now. Doesn't look very elegent, but certainly does the job of filtering the dust. The handles on the top and bottom of the case are perfect for fitting them on. (No Jokes please)

I wonder if those getting these problems are getting any red warning lights and have checked for dust levels.


7) Message boards : Pirate Talk : Pirate Songs (Message 3960)
Posted 5269 days ago by Profile Davey Jones
Warning:If'n eeh'be one'or they there land-lubber money men what purveys God's freely given talant; sheer orf. There be nothin for eeh 'eer, an that's ah fact.

Us folk as 'arbour here abouts, we 'av a long tradition or music an' song, aye an dance to, to pass the long watches in the deep. So reckons I as to 'ow there ought to be a few which is more pleasin to the ear than some.

Be'in so as to 'ere put up a few whats been my own pets these many a year past.

This first stuck in me brain be'in as 'ow it relates to a true gentleman o' the sea, if'in ye take me meaning. It relates the life o' one Captain Kydd. I sailed the electric ocean an' blow me down wi a feather if'in I didn't find treasure, not 'is mind. The home port for this bounty be about 'ERE Eh do play some squeeze box or other an' as I recall, it were slower sung, an' more 'tasty'.

Another pet were 'Pirate Jenny' be'in as 'ow I fancied servin' wi' 'er on 'The Black Freighter' an' as done well enough by a Judy Collins, be'in as 'ow I was a bit partial an all. Blow me down if'n it don't turn up 'Ere, words anyway.

So get about it me 'arties 'an let'n us see about some other.

Ha har


8) Message boards : Announcements : New forum features (Message 3688)
Posted 5296 days ago by Profile Davey Jones
Paul@home wrote:
Is this file "/view/3639-sp_gold_one_cs_gif.gif" particularly big?

This file is actually 12kb (144x143) and is from the BOINC site graphics pages.

Just to stress test at the end of a long thread, this one is the larger version, 56k 423x429, from the same source.


9) Message boards : Announcements : New forum features (Message 3639)
Posted 5305 days ago by Profile Davey Jones
Well now ! er's a pretty thing.

10) Message boards : Pirate Talk : PlanetQuest boinc project (Message 3479)
Posted 5338 days ago by Profile Davey Jones
What be 'apenin wi 'Planet Quest' ?


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