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1) Questions and Answers : Pirates@Home Problems : Screensaver doesn't show in 4.26 (Message 1545)
Posted 5302 days ago by Pconfig

the screensaver doens't show up with boinc manager 4.2x . Same problem with einstein@home. I've posted the problem to bbugs, on the mailinglist, on the einstein@home forum and i never got a reply. Seti and LHC screensaver show up correct. So i think it's something specific to this project
2) Message boards : Help! : Log in option error (Message 165)
Posted 5478 days ago by Pconfig
OK, i know it doens't hurt a thing but i just noticed :)

BTW, i think it's fixed now. Good job ;)
3) Message boards : Help! : Log in option error (Message 163)
Posted 5479 days ago by Pconfig
Hi i just noticed that if i click on the serverstatus page i seems like i\'m logged in as Maza 2000 and when i leek to the stats i\'m not logged in :s

4) Questions and Answers : Windows : can not attach to project (Message 27)
Posted 5491 days ago by Pconfig
I still can't attach!

He says no schedulers responded. I use this url:



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