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1) Message boards : Announcements : Talk Like A Pirate Day (Message 8714)
Posted 3983 days ago by Profile Kalessin
Here is my favorite for today:

Blackbeard, bluebeard & redbeard - A Pirate Story by Eric Herman
2) Message boards : Announcements : New member of the Crew (Message 8713)
Posted 3983 days ago by Profile Kalessin
Hail thee, Amanda, princess of pirates, glowgem of humankind, hail thee aboard our fleet of pirate ships. May the winds always blow fair for you!

And now get going, that your father gets you an account over here, confiscate his computer and catch those hellos that are a special greeting to you.

And do never give back your golden bracelet and the sunglasses. Whatever a pirate girl is given; it always stays her treasure!
3) Message boards : Wish list : Give us work capt'n! Please! Now! Nower! The Nowest!!!! (Message 8696)
Posted 4000 days ago by Profile Kalessin

They will, else they will get burnt, bitten away their heads and spiked by a dragons tailspikes.
But then it won't matter any more.

So take all the time you have for your other project!
4) Message boards : Number Crunching : Please fix export (Message 8598)
Posted 4100 days ago by Profile Kalessin

Is it still fixed? Yesterday there was no stats update at boincstats.
Admittedly I'm lazy and didn't check any other.
5) Message boards : Pirate Applications : cube 6.01 (Message 8217)
Posted 4250 days ago by Profile Kalessin
Something is weird right now (I think). Since 23:06:48 UTC all my host receive "Project is temporarily shut down for maintenance"- answers to their requests. But still the server page shows everything running.

Ok, right now the requests are answered again. (23:33:40)
6) Message boards : Pirate Talk : Holidays and Special Occasions (Message 8213)
Posted 4251 days ago by Profile Kalessin
Merry Christmas to all of us pirates fighting for the tiny little WUs there out at sea!
And thanks to capt'n for all those christmas trees.

7) Message boards : Number Crunching : Congratz to our new number 2 (Message 8208)
Posted 4252 days ago by Profile Kalessin
Hi [B^S]spydermb, congratz to the #2. Now go for the #1!
8) Message boards : Pirate Applications : cube 6.01 (Message 8188)
Posted 4254 days ago by Profile Kalessin
pschoefer wrote:
No problems on my three windows boxes (two times win2k and one win xp x64) so far, graphics are working and the cubes run smoothly. :)

But I read in my team's forum, that the Linux app crashes immediately after start (process exited with code 22 (0x16, -234)) on Linux 64 hosts. :|

On all of my linuxes it was the "output file absent". They were running just fine, but then....
9) Message boards : Help! : Invitation Code (Message 8185)
Posted 4256 days ago by Profile Kalessin
Are they active again?
A member of my team tried to create an account but was asked the invitation code?
10) Message boards : Pirate Applications : Yello 6.03 (Message 8176)
Posted 4260 days ago by Profile Kalessin
I noticed you expanded the "last request too recent" up to some enourmous heights.
Im not so sure if the lenght was constantly changing or if a request was sometimes let through if it corresponded to the initial delay. After I recognized that there was a change, I tried timelimits of 5, 10 and 20 Minutes and all were to recent.
I assume it was corresponding to the initial deferrence of 1 hour.
In the moment that has changed from 1 hour to 30 Minutes and I am not sure if it is still corresponding to the deference time.

I do understand that the server load was very high yesterday and that that was not to continue. But setting the deference equal or near to the "too recent" time will shift the WUs away from dedicated crunchers sitting in front of their hosts and hitting the update button to those pirates that own huge farms of computers and don't especially pay interest to pirates.

This will derive pirates of a huge part of the observated WUs as well as of most of its flair.
This was a project were intersted pirates with very few hosts could compete with uninterested crunchers with ten times of it; through personal involvement, enthusiasm and observation.

If the new settings will last, the pirates-output of a user will directly correlate to the number of hosts he/she owns. There really wouldn't be any more pirate sense in it.

I would be really sorry for that.

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