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1) Message boards : Pirate Talk : Bus Pirates (Message 7581)
Posted 3936 days ago by Profile RDC
It's different and rather funny as well

Bus Pirates:

2) Message boards : Pirate Applications : lalanne - Exercise the BOINC API 5.06 - BOINC 6.1 test (Message 7489)
Posted 3964 days ago by Profile RDC
Ok, what now?

4/10/2008 5:05:05 PM|Pirates@Home|Message from server: Need version 6.1 or higher of the BOINC core client. You have 5.10.

3) Message boards : Pirate Applications : Starboard - 5.21 (Message 7469)
Posted 3971 days ago by Profile RDC
Well a new video card seems to have solved problems so far. The lalane exe's only come up white with a black border for me but everything else I'm seeing what I am supposed to be seeing now.

I was thinking of swinging our cat around and chanting to get rid of the demonic spirits but thought better of it since my daughter would get mad and hit me for doing that to the cat...
4) Message boards : Pirate Applications : Starboard - 5.21 (Message 7467)
Posted 3971 days ago by Profile RDC
Well with the help of testing the exe's from various past runs, I've come to the conclusion it is the video card that is bad. I'll be going to get a new one later today and hopefully it will solve the problems (if not, I still like to have spares of everything).

All of past starboards I tried that were in the Matrix style came out like the latest one, just colored blocks (and they worked fine back then with the letters and numbers). Starboard 5.18 and 5.19 looked pretty much ok but this time I had some brown blocks stuck solid in the kalidascope effect of those exe's which weren't there when the exe's were initially released. The Lalanne ones which worked fine before locked my computer up pretty good and forced me to reboot. Only the yello and cubes seemed to work ok.

I guess I have one more thing to my "never buy again" list that already has Maxtor hard drives on it (have had three of those in my life and all crashed hard within a year). Now I can add PNY video cards if a new card solves the problem. I had one from PNY previously for my old mainboard and it died within weeks of getting it but had to get a replacement from another manufacturer since it took a week to get PNY to replace the bad one so I never reinstalled the replacement PNY card.

A bad video card might also explain why my PC hibernates at times when I'm in the middle of doing something. I thought it was a software conflict since it happened after a Windows update and then cleared up once for a couple of weeks between additional Windows updates. Perhaps just a coincidence. I still think the computer is possessed by evil spirits...

5) Message boards : Pirate Applications : Starboard - 5.21 (Message 7464)
Posted 3971 days ago by Profile RDC
It's a relatively new video card (and yes, it was removed, blown out and cleaned about a week ago). I do have a software conflict of some sort on this computer that effects videos (locks up periodically and sometimes crashes) but otherwise everything looks normal on displays except this particular graphics. Drivers have been removed and reinstalled multiple times over that and it was last done last week.

I did detatch and reattach to Pirates on 4/2 hoping to solve the problem but it came out the same. The last starboard test earlier worked fine with the same video card.

Like I said earlier, I think my computer is possessed. It was a quick slap together due to a HD crash when I needed the computer for work. I bought a new HD that the old mainboard wouldn't support no matter what was tried (particioning, overlays, etc) so I was forced to get a new mainboard which meant new memory, new processor, new video card and little time to get exactly what I wanted. It worked great for several months until a forced Windows update and has been possessed since then.

6) Message boards : Pirate Applications : Starboard - 5.21 (Message 7459)
Posted 3971 days ago by Profile RDC
Wormholio wrote:
Here is a test you might try. Copy the starboard .exe to a test folder, and create an empty text file there called "out.txt". Then double click on the .exe file. This runs it "standalone". I do this to test the app before I release it. A graphics window should pop up. See if it looks the same.

Here's what I got doing your test (ignore the loadd.log as this was done from the temp folder and that was sitting there already):

7) Message boards : Pirate Applications : Starboard - 5.21 (Message 7457)
Posted 3971 days ago by Profile RDC
Ok, I got another WU and did a screen capture of what I was seeing:

8) Message boards : Announcements : Primates@Home (Message 7456)
Posted 3971 days ago by Profile RDC
Odysseus wrote:
You may be jumping to conclusions: I, for one, had my username changed—but my usual avatar remained without any intervention on my part.

Many apologies are issued in that case and I accept the punishment of cannon fodder
9) Message boards : Pirate Applications : Starboard - 5.21 (Message 7455)
Posted 3971 days ago by Profile RDC
Wormholio wrote:
Hmmm, gold blocks sounds like a very old version of starboard, back from when I was working out how to get the glyph images loaded. You should have downloaded the latest and greatest starboard, but maybe something prevented that? What version of the client? What platform? What version of starboard, if you can find that?

I was running:

BOINC version 5.10.13
PNY NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT graphics card
Starboard 5.21 was displayed on the generated graphics
starboard_5.21_windows_intelx86.exe is the executable in the Pirates sub-folder

Even ones issued after the change back from Primates to Pirates on April 2nd were like that. Strange but with my computer, anything is possible (I think it's possessed. LOL)

10) Message boards : Pirate Applications : Starboard - 5.21 (Message 7447)
Posted 3972 days ago by Profile RDC
Was there a font required to be on the computer to see this? All I saw were gold blocks with what looked like symbols but they weren't clear at all. Usually I can see the letters/numbers in the graphics but not this round.

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