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1) Message boards : Pirate Talk : Pirate Names (Message 2574)
Posted 5427 days ago by gravywavy
Iron Harry Rackham

with an avatar like that you will be up for the babe's thread if you are not careful
2) Message boards : Number Crunching : Please have a look at these WUs (Message 2436)
Posted 5431 days ago by gravywavy
It looks like we've been granted credit for all the WU's that were previously granted "0" credits

Thanks! =)

If they were WU with multiple results, it is likely they were simply waiting for the validator to run. But if so, I am puzzled that they did not show as 'Pending'.

Mebbe the cap'n can shed some light on this?

3) Message boards : Pirate Talk : Pirate Names (Message 2411)
Posted 5432 days ago by gravywavy
Avast! be you two lasses sisters then?
4) Message boards : Pirate Applications : cage: error -186 then lots of -185 (Message 2410)
Posted 5432 days ago by gravywavy
You can restart the boinc service (or boinc.exe if it not installed as service).
This should free a file that is still used by boinc process after downloading error.

Or just restart your computer.

Tis a good plan, trouble was all five or six of them had come & gone before I noticed :(

5) Message boards : Announcements : Pirates@Home has a new mission (Message 2409)
Posted 5432 days ago by gravywavy
Reporting for duty!

Where's the deck to be swabbed. I head that was the newbie's first job. Even before WU crunching is allowed.

ye've done yer first job me lass by helpin the cap'n test his newfangled intro code - an a great improvement it is on the press gang it is too

6) Message boards : Pirate Talk : Where is the Babe? (Message 2402)
Posted 5432 days ago by gravywavy
Hi, River~~ (or Gravywavy)

here I be gravywavy - like Davy Jones hisself (& a new pun on a previous name)

you can call me grrravie

I won't use my cat here,

no, a nasty punishment

cats don't like the sea and my Bouncer Jupiter is too spoiled to be of any use for catching the rats on this ship.

oh - that sort of cat - with =Lupus= aboard the catching might be t'other way round so Jove is safer ashore

Welcome aborrd
7) Message boards : Announcements : Pending Credit - record bid (Message 2401)
Posted 5432 days ago by gravywavy

Wait... just messin' with the logs...

Must have been these two wu's: 215213 and 215214

Yep. Well spotted.

And I have also had several results since we reincarnated where the previous result was returned last June, so I know I'm not the only one to benefit.

"What does this DOG on our ship?"

Maybe a pre-emptive defence I reckon for when the cap'n calls us all scurvy dogs?


8) Message boards : Announcements : Upgrade to BOINC 5.2.15 (Message 2367)
Posted 5433 days ago by gravywavy

As long as you want to keep your rants off of the main forums, the helpdesk forums aren't a bad thing. The main problem is that people don't look for help on the front page of the project. ...

I think the help desk would work better if links to its pages were on the message boards page.

Kind of like Einstein, where all the links come off the same page, but also kind of like SETI in that it is a very good idea to have the SETI-style 'I also have this question' buttons and so on on the helpdesk.

SETI-style pages, Einstein style links.

9) Message boards : Pirate Applications : cage: error -186 then lots of -185 (Message 2365)
Posted 5433 days ago by gravywavy

One of my boxes downloaded several cage WU.

The first failed with error -186 and stdout

app_version download error: couldn't get input files:


and then the next failed with -185 and stdout

CreateProcess() failed - The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. (0x20)

and since then several more cage WU have also failed on the same box with the -185 error and same text in stdout.

My guess is that after something went wrong with the download one of the files was left in a funny state.

I am wondering if it would be a good move to reset Pirates on that box? Before I do that, is there any more evidence you might like me to collect?


10) Message boards : Pirate Applications : cage: error 0x C0000135 (Message 2362)
Posted 5433 days ago by gravywavy
Any idea what went wrong here?

stdout reads:

- exit code -1073741515 (0xc0000135)

The result is here and there are two similar results from the same host


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