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1) Message boards : Pirate Talk : Ook! (Message 7433)
Posted 4590 days ago by [B^S] RicketyCat
Hey! What's that monkey doing with that boo...



(from somewhere near the floor) Oh...
2) Message boards : Number Crunching : Long Run Times & Then Error's ... ??? (Message 1241)
Posted 5739 days ago by [B^S] RicketyCat
I have not had any long run-time errors, but I have noticed several "upload" errors. It seems sextant may not like dial-up.

I have my prefs. set to switch at 12 hr. intervals to allow longer WUs (SETI, Einstein) time to finish before going on. With the "debt" checker and the high priority assigned to Pirates there has been no problem getting the client to move through the WUs and should be finishing on time.

The following is an example of what is in the stderr file:

2005-02-06 17:44:45 [Pirates@Home] Unrecoverable error for result wu_1107619403_2545_1 (Maximum CPU time exceeded)

and in the stdout file for the same:

2005-02-06 17:44:45 [Pirates@Home] Aborting result wu_1107619403_2545_1: exceeded CPU time limit 762.619719

[edit] just looked at that particular WU in the results. Saw that the unit was compiled using BOINC 4.56. Is that a server-side compiler or the version I should be using to avoid errors? [/edit]

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