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11) Questions and Answers : Pirates@Home Problems : There seems to be a problem updating Pirates credit in BOINC v4.25 (Message 1564)
Posted 5548 days ago by Profile kinhull
I've been fortunate enough to download some work (at last) for my two (standalone) computers.

On uploading the finished wu's and on subsequent clicking on the 'Update project' link in BOINC Manager, I get different Total credit scores on the 'Projects' screen in BOINC Manager.

The machine that has successfully uploaded a completed wu is then subsequently able to update the Total credit score (but only once, and not again until that same machine has uploaded anther completed wu), whereas the other machine still retains the previous valu of Total credit that was displayed in BOINC Manager and no amount of clicking 'Update project' will change it (until it successfully uploads completed wu's). And so the two machines both running BOINC v4.25 remain out of sync with each other. This would be less of a problem (if it really is a problem) if there were a continual supply of wu's always updating the Total credit information - but there isn't, I've hade to wait about a month before I got any wu's to crunch, I have a hard life I know :D


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