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1) Message boards : Announcements : Talk Like a Pirate 2016 (Message 9325)
Posted 1382 days ago by Profile Ageless
...but at least the forums seem to still be working (but must really seem crappy now that Einstein@Home has been upgraded, eh?).

Please don't Drupal these forums as well, it's crap. At least now the forums are spread from side to side on my HD monitors, at Einstein they take up 1/3rd in the middle. Geared for mobile devices.

I've slammed the Einstein door behind me, hope I don't have to do the same with these forums, even though attention here is going backwards.
2) Message boards : Announcements : Boincstats Willy decleared Pirates dead (Message 9291)
Posted 1847 days ago by Profile Ageless
We're running "Hello, BOINC World 6.13", which are only available for Linux and Windows, not for the Mac.

But Eric has whispered to me that changes are in the wind, with more work coming over time, new applications and some real work. But I will leave that to him to explain himself. Oh, and he'll try to change the back-end/forums so these run the latest BOINC code. If that doesn't break everything down, that is. ;-)
3) Message boards : Number Crunching : 2014 (Message 9278)
Posted 2023 days ago by Profile Ageless
I notice that quick Yello tasks are replaced by super quick Hello tasks.
4) Message boards : Number Crunching : One BOINC bug squashed... (Message 9274)
Posted 2026 days ago by Profile Ageless
With thanks to Pirates and its scheduler wait of 3636 seconds, a crashing Google Earth and it taking down the OpenGL&OpenCL driver, and this requiring a BOINC restart, I found a bug in the way BOINC handles the scheduler wait value... it doesn't.

Upon each client restart, BOINC would automatically contact Pirates, that scheduler wait be damned. Didn't matter if BOINC was just 5 minutes into the wait, or an hour... The server would answer that the last contact was too recent and just reset the wait to another 3636 seconds.

BOINC shouldn't be trying to contact the project if there is a minimum RPC value set, which the scheduler wait is. And so I reported that through BOINC Alpha, to get answer back from David that he fixed this behaviour.

client: preserve min RPC time across client restart

My 18 Oct 2013 commit caused the client to clear PROJECT::min_rpc_time on startup.
This causes project-requested RPC delays to be ignored if the client is restarted.
This is probably undesirable, so I unded that change.

Note: min_rpc_time is used for both
a) project-requested RPC delay
b) exponential backoff due to server down, not work, etc.

To me it makes sense to clear b) on restart, but not a).
Maybe at some point we should separate these.

To be added to a new client in the future.

5) Message boards : Announcements : New distributed data project (Message 9273)
Posted 2027 days ago by Profile Ageless
Dolphin is able to open Google Maps (the phone can even open Google Earth), but not the map that this app pushes.
I'm using the standard Google Maps API, which works on Chrome and Safari and Firefox. The one thing that the site does rely on is JavaScript, so perhaps the problem is that JavaScript is not enabled in Dolphin? Or for that site? Perhaps I have to add a <noscript> warning to allow JavaScript?

Javascript is available and enabled by default for all pages.
Load images is Always on.
Cookies are accepted.
Dolphin is available for Android an iOS. See their homepage for more info.

One different niggle: why is the quote box here squashed to only use half (or less of) the screen?
6) Message boards : Announcements : New distributed data project (Message 9271)
Posted 2027 days ago by Profile Ageless
The "app" won't work

That's correct. For testing purposes I told Dolphin to use my location. Tapping "Search nearby" now gives "Position unavailable: Internal error".

That's with Dolphin 11.3.0 with Flash Player disabled (as it was causing more trouble than worth). Dolphin is able to open Google Maps (the phone can even open Google Earth), but not the map that this app pushes.

One niggle other than the fun factor, doesn't finding lamp legs mean we have to peek into other people's houses to see if there's a lamp leg visible? What if they find this objectionable? Or call the police on us because of us being a potential burglar checking out their houses?

Perhaps put an age stamp on it?
The About rules may not be read by everyone.
7) Message boards : Announcements : New distributed data project (Message 9267)
Posted 2029 days ago by Profile Ageless
Ahoy, Avast, and seasonal greetings to the crew of this scurvy bucket, or at least those few who remain on board. We have been adrift for quite a while now, and I'm afraid that may well continue. But I will confess to chumming the waters just now to get the attention of those still onboard.
Apparently you've found a way to figure out where we are... because:
It uses your mobile web browser to help locate valuable treasure. You'll find it at http://www.LegLampLocator.com.

Yeah, "Please enable Location Services for your browser". This will enable the GPS on your phone, something that I have set to off by default. Do you know how much battery that eats? Nothing said about my phone then logging everywhere I go. Privacy certainly doing a bye bye. Sorry, I value my square meter of the raft, y'all don't need to know every minute what I spent it on.

And spread the word. This won't work without the help of many more than this small crew. Happy holidays and good hunting!

A warning that the above is required would've been nice. But then now people may take my warning as such.
8) Message boards : Number Crunching : 2014 (Message 9262)
Posted 2030 days ago by Profile Ageless
Getting Yello 6.08 tasks. Looks like someone was listening. :)
9) Message boards : Number Crunching : 2014 (Message 9260)
Posted 2030 days ago by Profile Ageless
I'm hoping there's some Christmas work in the planning. My CPUs could do with some 7 seconds per task work. :)
10) Message boards : Pirate Applications : OpenCL CPU app. (Message 9232)
Posted 2463 days ago by Profile Ageless
Hi Eric,

The latest test BOINC now has OpenCL capability detection for the CPU.
Something for you to build a test app for?

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