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1) Message boards : Pirate Applications : hello 5.04 (Message 2989)
Posted 5440 days ago by Profile [SFX] gD
This seems to be happening almost every other time Pirates gives out work.. even way back last May. Maybe the Cap'n should have a production machine to test all the clients, instead of just testing them on the build machine.
2) Message boards : Number Crunching : Starboard 5.03 Cage_xxxxxxxxx (Message 2542)
Posted 5476 days ago by Profile [SFX] gD
Nothing but errors. Computation errors that is. This is either indicative of my system having an issue or a problem with the WUs.

There was even a pop up box, but I forgot to write down the error codes.

Same. Woke up today and yst to "The application failed to initialize properly (c0000135)". They were duelling with my Predictor WUs, causing them to error out too. Resetting both.

Maybe I should upgrade my core client.
3) Message boards : Pirate Applications : Only half of CPU being used (Message 2131)
Posted 5689 days ago by Profile [SFX] gD
The new pirates units (sextant 4.90,91) appear to only use 50% of the CPU. This happened on the non-HT machine and also the HT one (2*25%). Is this the intended behaviour? Luckily I am running more than one DC project so none of my cycles have actually gone to "waste".
4) Message boards : Pirate Applications : starboard - xscreensaver GL graphics suite (Message 1916)
Posted 5700 days ago by Profile [SFX] gD
starboard 4.04 now.

12/6/2005 11:53:31|Pirates@Home|Unrecoverable error for result cage_1118548373_1 (There are no child processes to wait for. (0x80) - exit code 128 (0x80))

MessageBox error: The applicaiton failed to intialize properly (c0000135). Then BOINC hangs (on one logical CPU) till I turn on my monitor and click OK.

WinXPSP1. I have an MSCOREE.DLL v1.1.4322.573, is it supposed to be in WINDOWS\\system32\\URTTemp?

(edit: didn't know you need to escape those \\s to type them here)
5) Message boards : Pirate Talk : Einstein invite (Message 973)
Posted 5839 days ago by Profile [SFX] gD
I have one extra Einstein invite.. what should I do with it?
6) Message boards : Help! : Einstein@home (Message 909)
Posted 5847 days ago by Profile [SFX] gD
lol hasn't this question been asked and conveniently ignored a number of times..come on Mr. Myers give some input.
7) Message boards : Announcements : New Forums (Message 894)
Posted 5848 days ago by Profile [SFX] gD
> If it's thinking before acting, which I guess means selecting the most used
> languages in the world, where's Chinese?

Anything computerish is a pain to translate to Chinese unless you have English and Chinese Windows running side by side.

Perhaps from a new user's point of view (when moved to E@H) the forums may become a bit cluttered especially when more languages are added. My suggestion is to have a forum just titled HELP!! or something like that.

Good job.
8) Message boards : Pirate Applications : scroll 4.67.... (Message 835)
Posted 5854 days ago by Profile [SFX] gD
Well I tried with 2 pirates graphics open, and the char count still increases. However after closing and opening, the stars explode until where they should be

the text doesn't appear anymore too.

Also realised that the speed is saved now when closing window, and after rotating text I can't get it to realign straight.

Is it possible to put an icon in the graphics window?
9) Message boards : Pirate Applications : scroll 4.67.... (Message 832)
Posted 5854 days ago by Profile [SFX] gD
36.5 mins for latest scroll WU at speed 11.00 (and actually claimed some credit =D)

- the speed is limited to between -5 and 11. (solves one problem)

- after showing and closing the graphics the text still disappears and takes a long time before it is visible again, comes back gradually (mentioned by BamBam in 4.56), but closing the window appears not to make the %age done increase (but the To Completion time goes up)

- if you press the left/right arrows too much, then the text also disappears (I was pressing it just after reopening graphics window, so took a while to find the text)

- all the non-graphics units that ran (for 5 mins) while the graphics window was open reported 0 time and claimed 0 credit.

- Ctrl+Shift changes the IME (if you have more than one), for me if CJK (Chinese-Japanese-Korean) handwriting is on then Ctrl+F10 causes the speed to stay visible

- but other than that, good job!
10) Message boards : Pirate Talk : News about the other Boinc projects!! (Message 781)
Posted 5857 days ago by Profile [SFX] gD
> Hello!
> A happy new crunching year!

Happy new year..

> Just read on Predictor's site that they are scheduled to open for new account
> creation Monday the 10'th of January!

Damn, have exams all day, I wonder if anyone knows or can find out whether it will be open at midnight UTC? Or will we have to wait till Californians wake up?

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