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1) Message boards : Help! : New Host entry after each contact to scheduler (Message 2603)
Posted 4625 days ago by [BOINCstats] Willy

It could also be a strange interaction between the project server and the account manager, right?

Could be, but I don't think so. The duplicates are created during contact between the client and the project. The AMS does not participate in that communication.
2) Message boards : Help! : New Host entry after each contact to scheduler (Message 2497)
Posted 4629 days ago by [BOINCstats] Willy
Willy - thanks for all the information. I certainly meant no disrespect to your code when suggesting something to check for.

NP. There could easily be a bug in my code. My AMS is in BETA, you're running a stable version of the server code, so I'm betting on the AMS when there is a problem.

But in this case Pirates is the only project (so far) with this particular fluke.
3) Message boards : Help! : New Host entry after each contact to scheduler (Message 2486)
Posted 4629 days ago by [BOINCstats] Willy
Just wanted to add that I'm using a development client version (CPDNBBC 5.3.9) and (re-) attached to Pirates via an Account Management System which is currently beta tested. I don't have multiple host entries with 'normal' attaching via BOINC manager (just checked this out...) but as other people had the same problem I'm not sure where the bug is... ;)

Could it be that the AMS is fighting with the BOINC manager or client about the URL?

At some point I may switch the Vassar link back to the archive for mission 1 (as it should be) and we'll see what that does for this. And how many new problems it creates. :-)

I'm the developer of the above mentioned AMS, and I have looked into this problem from the AMS side.

There is no fighting going on. The AMS lets the host connect and disconnect without a problem. It also 'sees' that a client is connected and doesn't send a new attach command. Even if it would send a new attach command, the host would reject it (and put a message in the message tab 'Already attached')(there is a catch, but it doesn't apply in this case).

I also saw the creation of multiple host entries in my account. Whenever the host connected to the Pirates scheduler (manual or automated) it created a new host entry.

A host that is connected to an AMS doesn't send (as far as I now, but David or Rom will know) different requests to projects than a host that isn't connected to an AMS.
4) Message boards : Announcements : Pirates shutting down... (Message 2168)
Posted 4841 days ago by [BOINCstats] Willy
Well, this is certainly a first. I'll need to make some changes to my site, something like 'Closed projects'.

The stats will (offcourse) continue to be available for those who want to look back from time to time, and the Pirates credits will also still be a part of the totals!

Thanks for the good time!
5) Questions and Answers : Credit : XML file data is incorrect. (Message 228)
Posted 5091 days ago by [BOINCstats] Willy
Sorry, solved it myself.

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