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11) Message boards : Number Crunching : 1 hour? (Message 9155)
Posted 2406 days ago by Profile Wormholio
what if we lower the time limit for users who solve mechanical turks ?

1 turk = 1 minute

minimum cap is 15 minutes :D

I like this idea. Or something similar. It might be that it's lowered just if you have done recent work on the Turk. I may not have time to code it right now, but I'm going to give it some thought and see what might work.

I had set the deferral very long because there was no work. (There is meaning to the interval, in case someone cares to try to figure it out.)

I set it to 1 hr to give everyone a chance when there is work, but not much of it all at once. But if the remaining crew is smaller then I may be able to lower it without raising the load on the server.

12) Message boards : Number Crunching : work wont download !!! (Message 9154)
Posted 2406 days ago by Profile Wormholio
I've made a small change that might help those graphics executables to download properly. Let me know what you see.

I'm a few days late, but I hope everyone who's still here enjoyed Talk Like a Pirate Day on Wednesday. I've been very busy lately and was not sure if I'd be able to do anything at all. I owe the crew a full status report, but that will have to come later. With a few moments on my hands I tried to get the project up and running to give out work for Sept. 19th, but the first attempt failed. There are two branches of the BOINC source code: the trunk is the latest and greatest code from Berkeley, while server_stable is an older snapshot that was at one point considered to be stable. I was able to build from the trunk, but not run the daemons, because there are database changes that need to be applied. The next morning I was able to build from server_stable and get the daemons to run, so I was able to put work out for the "holiday".

But for a couple of days I was not able to clean up after it got back -- the file deleter would not start. I figured out that the prelink cache was old, and once it was removed I was able to get the file_deleter running.

I thank all who have reported problems. I've tried to fix them when I can, when it's quick. I've been really, really busy lately, and thus neglectful of this crew and project. I'm actually really amazed that I could get this rust bucket running at all after such a long time adrift. I will try to find time to explain why and give a status update (it's good news, though maybe not for this crew).

13) Message boards : Number Crunching : Server can't open log file (Message 9140)
Posted 2409 days ago by Profile Wormholio
I too am experiencing a 24 hour 55 minute back-off. Seems awfully long.

Reset to 1 hour. The long back-off was left over from being rigged for cruising with no work.

14) Message boards : Number Crunching : Server can't open log file (Message 9137)
Posted 2409 days ago by Profile Wormholio
Arr, ye log files be troubling me ship now.

9/19/2012 7:33:05 | Pirates@Home | [error] Error reported by file upload server: can't open log file '../log_rosebud/file_upload_handler.log' (errno: 9)

Hopefully I've fixed this. Yes?
15) Message boards : Pirate Talk : *LAST PIRATE TO POST HERE GETS THE GOLD* (Message 9116)
Posted 2576 days ago by Profile Wormholio
So Misfit, did you get lots of gold for your new movie?

The Pirates! Band of Misfits

(Now the gold is mine)
16) Message boards : Pirate Talk : Pirate Training, Certificate and Credentials (Message 9113)
Posted 2583 days ago by Profile Wormholio
It seems one can now become an MIT certified pirate: Arrrrr! MIT Pirates Certified
17) Message boards : Announcements : Latest rough waters (Message 9110)
Posted 2596 days ago by Profile Wormholio
One thing I'm seeing is that all forum posts and threads are considered to be new and unread. Pushing the "mark all threads as unread" button in the top-level of the message boards does not fix this. But it does seem to mark the posts as read once you read the forum. I will see if I can find the cause, and the fix...
18) Message boards : Announcements : Latest rough waters (Message 9109)
Posted 2596 days ago by Profile Wormholio
My apologies for leaving the crew adrift for so long with broken forums, and who knows what else. Here's the short story:

You may recall that back in November the server we had used for many years had a disk failure. At the time, I had just acquired an old spare PC that was twice as fast and half as noisy (still old crap, mind you) and so instead of just replacing the drive I moved everything to the "new" server. Which caused some trouble, but we made it through that.

Sometime around the end of January I got an impassioned plea to return that hardware to the person who had given it to me. It was easier to do so than argue, and I had to do it quickly. So I moved our project to another machine, even better than the other two, which had in a past life been a PVR project. The bad news is that I had no time to fix whatever broke in the process, which it seems included the forums.

So here we are 6 weeks later and I finally got a little time and I found the problem (some database code that needed updating). I seem to have the forums fixed, but who knows what else is broken?

So please take a look around, and report in this thread what else needs to be fixed. I'll get to it when I can do so, and we will try to get this leaky bucket lurching forward again under it's own steam.
19) Message boards : Help! : How to leave Team (Message 9108)
Posted 2596 days ago by Profile Wormholio
I don't see any Option in my Account to Leave a Team ?

This seems to have been moved to a box called "Community" in the upper right corner of the "Your Account" page. Please try it and let me know if it works or not.

20) Message boards : Wish list : Hide this forum! (Message 9098)
Posted 2668 days ago by Profile Wormholio
This is an old forum which was hidden long ago. It no longer shows up in the main list, but it is currently appearing in the pull-down menu for Forums. Noted for cleanup.

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