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Spuriously 'changed threads'

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Questions and Answers : BOINC Problems : Spuriously 'changed threads'

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Message 8009 - Posted: 20 Oct 2008 | 8:52:06 UTC
Last modified: 20 Oct 2008 | 8:53:49 UTC

Pirates' is still running a fairly old version of forun SW. While the BOINC web SW was evolving and various projects were adopting it, a common thing started to be happening on their forums: older read and unchanged threads suddenly (often after a month or so) became completely marked as unread. And it is still happening. As a consequence, the usual "notification email upon (read) thread being changed" were missing, because no notifications were sent upon posting, if the thread was already in the "unread" state.

At around the same time or just a bit later, each newly added messages started to be notified per email. I'd wonder whether it was a workaround?

Capt'n is planning to upgrade the forum SW at an appropriate time. I'm curious whether the same bug will start happening here too...
Peter .-)

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Questions and Answers : BOINC Problems : Spuriously 'changed threads'

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