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Message boards : Number Crunching : trickles?

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Message 7265 - Posted: 1 Mar 2008 | 5:12:05 UTC
Last modified: 1 Mar 2008 | 5:21:08 UTC

The work unit I just completed claimed to be sending trickle-up messages, as if it were a CPDN project.
When it completed it reported several messages like:
2/29/2008 21:05:38|Pirates@Home|[error] handle_trickle_down failed: null pointer

There are multiple trickle_down* files being created in the pirates slot. Is this my Boinc installation being hosed or is Pirates now doing something weird?

I do have a CPDN wu on the box, but it has been suspended since before I rebooted the box today and so is not in memory. Except as noted above, the slots dirs look OK. Will see what happens after the current Pirates workunit, which is also reporting trickles, completes -- I'll try letting CPDN run.

Very Twilight Zone.

[Edit -- OK, I see it's deliberate. Given their frequency (1+ / minute) though, I think I'd call them "floods"...]

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Message boards : Number Crunching : trickles?

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