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cube 5.10 - The christmas edition - 2

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Message boards : Pirate Applications : cube 5.10 - The christmas edition - 2

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Message 4371 - Posted: 25 Dec 2006 | 11:37:11 UTC
Last modified: 25 Dec 2006 | 11:38:36 UTC

Eric, I want a counter clockwise rotating fully lighted Christmas tree to be spinning inside the next Cube that spins clockwise. ;-)

Due to an internet outage I missed cube 5.09 completely. My Pirates was deferring for over 12 hours.

I just got 4 of the 5.10's and they look beautiful, Eric! All the way to the little star at the top.

You're an ace. Next year's edition plays Jingle Bells. ;-)

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Message 4372 - Posted: 25 Dec 2006 | 13:15:28 UTC

Cube 5.09 records graphics status to the error log (the frame rate and the fraction of CPU time used by the graphics thread). But it was too verbose, and so in a few cases the log file filled up past the disk limit set for the workunit, and then these units failed. This is a protective mechanism, not unlike the compartments of a battleship. The WU is failed when it fills a file past a small limit (about 200kB), rather than letting it run wild and really fill your disk.

Nevertheless, I made a quick adjustment to how often the status is logged, and now the error log should be shorter while still reporting back some useful information about the graphics thread. This was released later in the evening as cube 2.10.
-- Eric Myers

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Message 4377 - Posted: 26 Dec 2006 | 4:50:09 UTC

Ahoy Capt'n. Thanks for the Christmas tree in Cube 5.10 and a Merry Christmas to you. Wishing you and yours well this Holiday season!

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Message boards : Pirate Applications : cube 5.10 - The christmas edition - 2

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