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Connection and attachment problem.

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Message boards : Help! : Connection and attachment problem.

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Profile [B^S] Dr. Bill Skiba
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Joined: 18 Jan 06
United States
BOINC Synergy
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Message 2605 - Posted: 25 Jan 2006 | 22:41:06 UTC
Last modified: 25 Jan 2006 | 22:42:21 UTC

Ahoy, Captain.

I have three hosts attached to pirates with no problem. The fourth, a laptop (win xp sp2) was attached via wireless router, the same one this host is on, and then couldn't communicate with the server. A long string of trying to fetch master file errors. So I detached it and deleted that host from my profile via another host computer.

In fact, I can't even get the pirate's home page or any others for this server to display thru IE on that unit. I tried with and without Symantec AV, with and without xp's firewall, etc all to no avail.

This behavior is not experienced with any of the other projects that unit is attached to or any other web sites. (boinc or non-boinc) It had been occuring for only the last day or two.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Arrr.

Lowly Seaman DocSkiba

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Message boards : Help! : Connection and attachment problem.

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