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AMD Users
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Message 876 - Posted: 14 Jan 2005 | 1:26:30 UTC
Last modified: 14 Jan 2005 | 8:18:18 UTC

Distributed Computing is an incredible way to speed up scientific research using your unused PC processing time. (The time when you are sitting staring at the screen). If your PC is running for an hour per day or more then it might be worthwhile getting involved. Projects are diverse and include life sciences, searching for aliens and solving mathematical mysteries. Some are arguably more worthwhile than others, but what you run with your PC is of course up to you.

You don't have to be on a team to run these projects, but of course we all like competition, and you won't become the world's #1 DC producer on your own. There is tremendous competition and our team has done considerably well considering how young it is.

If you should decide to start running DC projects, and help find cures, aliens etc, then please join this team and help out with our rankings. Incase you're wondering, membership of all projects is free, and some will even pay you for running them.

The AMD Users team is a team for users of AMD processors. This doesn't mean that you have to have all AMD machines, but ethically you should have at least one. Of course you can still join us, because in the end all this is for a good cause.

Our forums also include information about heatsinks, watercooling, case mods and video cards. In the near future we look to have reviews for Geforce, Koolance, Thermaltake, Innovatek and more.

Our newest trend is online games, and we have dozens of them for our members to play and upload their personal high scores. The competition is fierce, so came and defeat us... if you dare! :P

Check us out at www.amdusers.com

You can join our Team too!
Click the image above and visit our website!

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Message boards : Team Talk : Welcome to AMD Users

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