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Message 93 - Posted: 14 Sep 2004 | 22:19:43 UTC

Thanks for describing how it's working on your end. Yes, the current work units are very short. We are not crunching, we are just trying out the system and seeing what we get back. Even if you don't finish a workunit, somebody does, and seeing the pattern of responses is helpful.

I am curious though about reports that WU's are given out when they are due, or past. Each "result" should have a time limit of 1 hour, which I thought was the time since it is given out. That should be more than enough time to do the calculation (unless you are cranking on SETI or LHC or Climate, and if so then keep it up) and return the result.

The workunits will get a bit longer soon, though not by much right away. But it does help us to have a bank of machines waiting for the next test, even if yours is not one getting the work right now. Thanks to everybody.

-Eric Myers

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Message boards : Help! : Thread closed

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