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Questions and Answers : Credit : What's With This?

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Joined: 7 Aug 04
United States
Credit: 1,866.9
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Joined: Aug 7, 2004
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Punishment: High latency & dropped packets
Message 479 - Posted: 10 Dec 2004 | 15:29:11 UTC
Last modified: 13 Dec 2004 | 13:06:20 UTC

See http://pirates.vassar.edu/workunit.php?wuid=22554

Two copies sent out and returned, one ran for 187 seconds, reports 187 seconds and .22 credit. The other ran for 82 seconds, reports 0 CPu and zero credit, and both get 0 credit?

Here's another


Sent out three times, all three ran for a while, two report CPU time and claim credit. One reports 0 CPU and 0 credit, so all three get 0 credit?

Seems to me that the validator needs some work!

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Joined: 19 Oct 04
Hong Kong
Spread Firefox
Credit: 1,488.6
RAC: 0.00
Joined: Oct 19, 2004
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Message 541 - Posted: 24 Dec 2004 | 14:46:18 UTC

dunno if Wormholio has noticed and afaik nobody has posted this on the boards but (unlike in seti) when a quorum of 3 is used, after two results are back then the lower of the two credits is granted. Any other results returned afterwards will receive the already granted credit. So if you have a result with 0 credit you should *try* not to return it until 2 others have returned.

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Questions and Answers : Credit : What's With This?

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